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Check It Out Homies!!!

BOOYA!!! I just finished dancing around my office.  I have conquered the zipper.  The zipper is no longer a scary “I must avoid at all costs” thing any longer!  Take that zipper!  I see many more zipper usage in my … Continue reading

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Photo Contest!!!

A friend of mine is having a photo contest on her blog right now – I loved the idea.  In fact, I loved it so much that I am doing one too!  🙂 The details are simple.  I need some … Continue reading

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A Peek

I made this last night.  🙂  I love how it turned out.  Coming to my shop soon… whatcha think?  The pictures are from my iPhone… iPad/Netbook bags have been requested as of late.  So, I figured I would deliver.  😉

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I Confess

I am here to confess some things that you may not know about me.  I think you all need to write your own confessions too… no.  I am not a priest.  But this could be interesting.  Got the idea on … Continue reading

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You Asked, Now I Answer! [giveaway too…]

Wow!  There were a ton of questions.  This should be fun!  So, grab a cup of joe or whatever it is you drink (me?  Coke Zero!), sit and stay awhile!  🙂  There is a giveaway as promised too.  🙂 if … Continue reading

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New Camera Candy

I made some new camera strap slipcover designs, and listed them last night.  Seriously great camera candy if you ask me!  🙂  Some of my new favorites!  Have a look… Orange Crush… Taste The Rainbow… Purple Rain…  I think Purple … Continue reading

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Some Announcements! :)

I just bought my plane ticket to the BlogHer conference.  Wondering why I am lame and didn’t buy it 2 weeks ago when it was $150 cheaper.  Ho hum. If you’re going to BlogHer and want something from *Shey*[B], I … Continue reading

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