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Night Owls Tweet Week 10 – Plants In My Backyard

[Over the next 52 weeks, Me from Arizona USA, and Kris from the Gold Coast AUSTRALIA, will attempt to blog a total of 365 photos. Each posting … 7 photos, from the last 7 days, on alternate Monday Nights] Arizona is FULL of … Continue reading

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Photo Contest!!!

A friend of mine is having a photo contest on her blog right now – I loved the idea.  In fact, I loved it so much that I am doing one too!  🙂 The details are simple.  I need some … Continue reading

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More Vegas.

Another blog post!  I like it!  🙂 I sat on my couch tonight and made myself edit pictures.  I am so consumed with orders that so many things, including my blog become an after thought.  I don’t mean for it … Continue reading

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Night Owls Tweet

One night I am chatting it up on Twitter with my lovely Aussie friend, Kris.  Then an idea hits me.  Like a palm to the forehead!  So, I ask Kris this question… “Hey!  I just got a SWEET idea!  Wanna … Continue reading

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A Cute Baby

Wow!!!  Thank you all SO much for the amazing comments re: my magazine feature!!  You all know how to make a girl happy!  60 comments?  THANK YOU!!!! So, I did a photoshoot a while back, and JUST finished editing the … Continue reading

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Weather here is different than most other places around other states.  While others are enjoying 40+ degree weather in the Spring, Arizona is currently having 80 degree days.  While everyone hates their winters, I revel in ours.  If you even … Continue reading

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My Lovely Little Girls.

Pictures of my girls have been severely lacking.  My parents would likely agree.  They live in North Carolina.  Quite a ways from Arizona.  Today I swore it was time to take my 2 bundles of sweetness out front and do … Continue reading

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