New Camera Candy

I made some new camera strap slipcover designs, and listed them last night.  Seriously great camera candy if you ask me!  πŸ™‚  Some of my new favorites!  Have a look…

Orange Crush
Taste The Rainbow

Purple Rain… 

I think Purple Rain is my favorite out of all 3.  Just loving those colors!!!  But all of them are great, and the pictures really don’t do them justice!  πŸ™‚  They are listed in my shop … click here.

Mike and I had a date night tonight.  πŸ™‚  Post Office, JoAnn’s, Dinner, Barnes & Noble and a movie.  Fun times!!!  Love date nights!

Don’t forget to get in on the questions for my Q&A post on Monday!  Extra entry for all questions asked for the giveaway I will tie into the Q&A post!  You can ask as many questions as you want, and that is how many extra giveaway entries you will get!  One of the above camera strap slipcovers will be given away!  Which one is your favorite?  Majority rules, so whichever camera strap cover is loved the most is the one being given away!  So, let me know!  πŸ™‚

Off to bed!  xo

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14 Responses to New Camera Candy

  1. Freda says:

    I love orange crush! Good thing my birthday is coming up. πŸ™‚

  2. lovin purple rain πŸ™‚

  3. Crystal says:

    Purple Rain is GORGEOUS!

  4. Love the new straps…now following your blog…

  5. Pili says:

    I love purple rain the most too!

  6. Jenni says:

    ooooh! i love taste the rainbow! so pretty, but, they all are really! having the chance to win any of them would be awesome!started reading "13 to life" yesterday, i already love it! thanks for the recommend!

  7. The second one is my very favorite Shey. I love them all though.

  8. StaceyL. says:

    ORANGE CRUSH! love the orange. Also, how long did it take you to become "established" with your business?

  9. Mormishmom says:

    They are all fabulous, but I think the Taste the Rainbow is my fave!

  10. I LOVE purple rain, the others are FABULOUS as well, but I'm definitely drawn to the purple and chartreuse combo :)!

  11. Krissa says:

    i love ORANGE CRUSH!!!!love it!

  12. Celeste says:

    oh my — love them all! gotta go with the purple rain though πŸ™‚

  13. I know its a little late but I have been camping. I actually love the "Taste the Rainbow"! It is so bright an cheerful! Great new straps. I love them so much! You are so talented.

  14. Jaimie says:

    orange crush! so pretty!

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