A Birthday Dinner She’ll Remember

Angelina’s birthday dinner was really fun.  She told me that she will never forget it, because she had so much fun.  She told me that it was cool to watch the food being made right in front of you.

Where did we take her that she would have said this?  Benihana!!  I love this restaurant!!  The look of amazement on my girls’ faces as our cook made, tossed, made it smoke and threw our food was priceless.  If you ever want to take your child to a restaurant and know with almost 100% certainty that they won’t whine much because they’ll be too busy being entertained, then a teppan room is your place!  It’s more pricey than McDonald’s, but it’s SO worth it!  🙂

Here are some pictures of our night at Benihana…

My girls LOVE edimame!  

And to my surprise, both girls loved the soup below.  Even though it had onions and mushrooms in it.  Angelina was surprised at herself too.  She says, “Mommy!  I love this soup.  I even ate the MUSHROOMS AND ONIONS!”  🙂

Fried rice is so good!  But, it’s even better when it’s shaped into a heart first… don’t you agree?  🙂

Our cook was awesome!  He pulled out all the stops for Angelina.
Flipping bowls of fried rice in the air and catching it – without spilling 1 grain of rice.

He cut the food at lightning speed, and even flipped an egg around with his spatula.  
Angelina’s mouth hit the floor with each new stunt.  🙂
And Zoe just watched on in 3 year old amazement.


And of course he promised us the volcano, which I knew Angelina would love.
Once again her mouth dropped open and she giggled. 
Zoe stared.  haha!

She was so excited the whole time!  
They sang her Happy Birthday and gave her an elaborately decorated wedge of pineapple
and we all got ice cream.  Perfection!
I made the girls these skirts the night before Angelina’s birthday.
I also decorated a plain white shirt with rolled flowers. 
Angelina’s rolled flower was a little more gigantic than I originally planned.
But she loved it even more.  
And Zoe was excited to get a new skirt and shirt too. 
All was right in their world.
And mine too.  🙂
So.  Next time you’re not sure where to take your kids on their birthday.
Might a suggest the teppan room?  
Trust me.  You won’t be sorry.  Just the looks on my
girls’ faces made it priceless.

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5 Responses to A Birthday Dinner She’ll Remember

  1. I would oogle at all those tricks too! Espesh the volcano 😉

  2. Celeste says:

    Ooo…what fun they had! (I'd be amazed myself!)great pics, too – btw. 🙂

  3. Tara says:

    I went to Benihana for my birthday last month! I assure you, my 25 year old mouth dropped as far as Angelina's!

  4. what a great momma you are!!!fabulous post and happy {late} birthday to your daughter!

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