:: Birthday BASH :: Giveaway #19

OK. I am seriously dying over this giveaway.  Because I know my kids would adore this!  Especially in 2 weeks when I fly them out to Grandma and Papa’s in North Carolina where they are staying for 3.5 weeks.  This is just sweet!  After I post… I am going to email Malia and beg her to open her shop ASAP!  First.  Let’s meet the mastermind behind this shop…

My name is Malia and I like making stuff.  I’m into crafting, elegant upcycling and finding fun vintage items.  I enjoy finding the art in everyday life– picking a pretty wildflower or making watercolor painting with my kids.

Bee Busy Kid Bags:  Designed to corral kid’s activities + toys while riding in the car, at restaurants and waiting for appointments.  Each 9 1/2 x 8 inch handmade canvas carryall is fastened inside with kid friendly velcro.  Features chalkboard material on the front of bag so child can personalize.  Also comes with a reusable tin, covered with chalkboard material and filled with crayons and colored chalk.  Also included– a pad of recycled paper.

Busy Kids = Happy Parents

I am giving away the apple bag + contents.

Yes please!

Here is how to enter ….

Comment here telling Malia how much she NEEDS to open a shop!!!  She is going to open it soon, so the link should be available soon… let’s demand encourage her to open it asap!  😉
Extra Entries:
– Go visit Malia’s Blog.  Follow her & leave her some comment love.
– Follow Malia on Twitter.  Come back here and let me know you did!
– Answer this: What is your favorite way to keep your 3 year olds busy… if you have a 3 year old.  🙂 

Good luck!!!

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51 Responses to :: Birthday BASH :: Giveaway #19

  1. Jessica says:

    Um, that is too cute! Malia you really, really, really need to open up a shop! 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    I don't have a three year old, but I have a two year old – I contend that it is harder to keep a two year old busy than it is a three year old. That aside I keep the music on cause she loves to dance dance dance! . . . And play air drums.

  3. JadesGirl says:

    That bag is adorable! Really, Malia, you must open your shop right away!

  4. JadesGirl says:

    My 3 year old turned 4 in January, which actually makes him my 4 year old, but that's water under the bridge now, isn't it? Anyway, my favorite way to keep him busy is letting him "cook" with me! Give him a pot, a measuring cup and a couple of spoons and he'll happily measure water and other ingredients until his heart's content!

  5. Krissa says:

    way way cute….i love it!!!! she definitely needs to OPEN a shop…i love it!!!

  6. Krissa says:

    so i dont have a 3 yr old…but maybe turn on a movie…or read…or color…or dance and sing….im not entirely sure…

  7. Megan says:

    Malia definitely needs to open a shop!! My kids would love this and so would I!!

  8. Megan says:

    I'm following Malia and left her some comment love on her blog!

  9. Megan says:

    My three year old is a boy and he is constantly on moving/running/making noise. His attention span isn't the best still, but taking him outside is the best way to keep him occupied. It doesn't matter what we do outside: working in the yard, washing the car, playing on the swingset, taking a walk….anything outdoors keep him busy!!

  10. Katie B. says:

    Genius! My kid would go nuts for this. Yes, please on the shop!

  11. Katie B. says:

    My son turns 3 in a few months, and there are two things that keep him busy. 1, matchbox cars. 2, my iphone. This would be so much better!!

  12. The McKays says:

    oh yes, open a shop. parents would love this for their kiddos in restaurants especially!

  13. The McKays says:

    let's see…favorite way to keep M busy…i think it's all about having a variety of things lined up and anticipating when she'll be ready for a change. we do lots of puzzles, books, coloring, some school time, cooking 1x a week, playing outside. just being aware that she's wrapping up her focus on playing with say, beads, and will be needing some re-direction soon. does that make sense? xoxo

  14. TheCounsils says:

    Yes.. open a shop.. this would help all parents!!:)carol

  15. TheCounsils says:

    comment left at Malia's Blog.:)carol

  16. TheCounsils says:

    Now following on Twitter.. can't wait to hear news of a shop opening up!:)carol

  17. The Clines says:

    Malia- What a unique and adorable product! My 4 year old would love it! You should definitely open a shop!!

  18. deserae says:

    Following on twitter!

  19. deserae says:

    This bag is so adorable! I can't wait for the shop!

  20. deserae says:

    I don't have a three year old, but I think that reading, coloring, or playing games sounds fun.

  21. Kristi says:

    My three old LOVEs them magnetic draw boards…it will entertain her for hours

  22. Kristi says:

    way to cute..you must open a shop soon!!

  23. Ashley says:

    I love all her stuff!

  24. Ashley says:

    No 3 yr old, but my 17 month old is a lot to keep up with. We go a lot. We love the park and running errands to keep us busy.

  25. Yeah….Malia YOU really need to open up a shop! ADORABLE! I know my 2 year old would LOVE your darling bag!! Fabulous 🙂

  26. Play-Doh with all the tools and gadgets. Ice cream parlor, pasta maker, barber shop, etc.

  27. Sarah Bock says:

    So so cute, I'm a follower of both and left her a comment!

  28. Sarah Bock says:

    and the way I keep my little cousin entertained is to play grocery shopping with her!

  29. cindyj says:

    Ohhh…now that is cool! You need to open a shop so that we can get one of these! PLEASE!! 🙂 I know my granddaughters would each want one! how fun!

  30. cindyj says:

    checked out her blog and left some love and am following her on twitter! LOVE her bag! Thanks Shey for the chance to win! It should be your birthday every week! 😉

  31. PLEASE open a shop – this would be perfect for my very active 3 year old…she may actually sit down for awhile and use this!catherine s.

  32. I now follow her on Twitter! catherine s.

  33. I keep my 3 year old busy by giving her a list of things to help me with during the day or while shopping…she is loving to be a helper! Sometimes it's a real list and sometimes it's just a fun list…boy, does she enjoy it! Whatever it takes…catherine s.

  34. I now follow/subscribe to her blog and left her some encouragement ;)catherine s.

  35. sara says:

    Yes She needs to open a shop! that is adorable and I have some little boys who would love it!! 🙂

  36. Tanya says:

    That is just adorable! Opening up a shop is so fun, you have to do it!

  37. Katherine says:

    She must open a shop! That is just way too cute not to share!

  38. Katherine says:

    Well, I have a nearly 3 year old and my favorite way to keep him busy is to set him up at the table with crayons, markers, and paper and let him go to town! He loves coloring and I love all of his creations.

  39. carmel says:

    o, ya, you defenatly need to open a shopyou make beautiful things- why not make it a full time job?

  40. carmel says:

    great blog great creationsi became a follower as well

  41. Megg says:

    My 3 kids would die for this stuff! You HAVE to open a shop!! You would do crazy great business! Happy b-day shey!

  42. Love this!!!! Yes, please do open a shop 🙂

  43. Chacoy says:

    cuteness- Malia you really need to get your shop open;}

  44. Chacoy says:

    follow malia's blog & left her a comment;}

  45. Chacoy says:

    follow malia via twitter @ma21cuteboy;}

  46. Chacoy says:

    i don't have a 3 year old anymore, but to keep any kid busy i carry around a dingy old case with crayons and an old notebook;{ that's why i need this!

  47. Nicole says:

    Open your shop! My favorite way to keep my 3 yr old busy is coloring, she seems to be very artistically inclined and gets entranced in coloring books. We also read a TON!

  48. I now follow and left Malia some love on her blog!!suzannebake@gmail.com

  49. Ry and Ally says:

    Cute cute! Stopped by her blog and left some love!

  50. Ry and Ally says:

    Following malia on twitter! (allyvc)

  51. Ry and Ally says:

    No 3 year olds yet…just a 9 month old. You mean they get busier?? 😉

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