:: Birthday BASH :: Giveaway #18

How about two gifts for one winner?  Deal!  Meet Ashley of Tweet Baby Designs:

I am a wife to one amazing man and mama to 6 littles. I create because I have to, it’s what makes me, me. Fabric is my passion…I love it. I love finding new ways to create with it, new uses for old fabric, and ways to repurpose fabric that seems useless. My shop is always updated with new ideas and creations. All of the items I carry were inspired by my children, either out of necessity or just fun. Because everyone needs a little fun in their life!!
Come visit my shop and take a look around.
We are given one life to live… I plan on creating a beautiful one.

Me too!!!

Ashley is giving 1 lucky winner their choice of a fabric covered coptic stitched journals, the other is for leggies leg warmers. One thing for mom, & one for baby.  

How generous!!  Wishing I had a baby to put the leggies on!!!  I would buy every. single. pair!

Here is how to enter ….

Go visit Ashley’s Shop.  Come back here and tell me what you loved.
Extra Entries:
– Go visit Ashley’s Blog.  Leave her some comment love.
– Answer this:  What does Shey want for her birthday?  hehe.  🙂

Good luck!!!

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65 Responses to :: Birthday BASH :: Giveaway #18

  1. Heidi says:

    I love her flower clips! They are very cute.

  2. I LOVE those little baby anklets!!! ZOMG so cute!!! I want to put it on my babe's ankle now!

  3. Shey wants a camera lens…

  4. JadesGirl says:

    As a mama of a teething baby girl I am thrilled with the ideas behind the amber teething necklaces! I'll be ordering one of those tonight!P.S. The journals on her site are beautiful!!

  5. JadesGirl says:

    Left some love on Ashlee's blog. How cute are her kiddos? :o)

  6. JadesGirl says:

    Hmmm…Shey wants a crew of sewing elves to sneak in each night (as she sleeps soundly) to 1)sew, package, and deliver her orders2)answer her emailsand3)tidy up when they're finished!

  7. Jessica says:

    I love the leggings in the polka dots and the argyle! And I've thought of trying an amber teething bracelet, but knowing my kiddos they'd eat it, for serious and reals, they eat everything man, and they are so quick about it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Jessica says:

    I left some comment love on Ashley's blog. Thanks!

  9. Jessica says:

    I'm going to guess for your birthday you want to take a well deserved break from posting all these awesome giveaways ;)We appreciate it though!

  10. Jarka says:

    I LOVE – I mean, ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Organic Print Coptic Stitched Journal Notebook 🙂 amazing!!!

  11. Totally love the the leggings… we could use all of them during the winter time. Love them

  12. I don't have a baby, but I love the journal, and oh, I would swoon for these flowers:http://www.etsy.com/listing/44498546/plum-pink-cream-and-pale-yellow-fabric🙂

  13. Leanna says:

    Cute! Cute! Love the garden party flower clip!

  14. Leanna says:

    She wants a beach vacation? –ps, if you don't, I'll take it! =)

  15. Crystal says:

    ok, I love those journals, especially the organic print.

  16. Krissa says:

    the ruffle hand towel is so cute!!! and those flower clips!!!!LOVE it!

  17. Krissa says:

    i think you want anything camera related….or maybe… a mini spa vacation???

  18. lime says:

    The baby leggies are the cutest things EVER! Will come in handy for the little one we are hoping is on it's way! 😉

  19. Megan says:

    I love the organic fabric and wood chomping necklace! My teething baby would love to get this in her little mouth!

  20. Michelle says:

    Love the pink and red argyle leggies! So cute. Thanks for the chance to win!mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  21. Megan says:

    I left a comment on Ashley's blog!

  22. Megan says:

    I think you'd love a relaxing vacation or spa trip! Maybe both in one!!

  23. Allison says:

    Very cool stuff! I think my favorite thing from her store is the Fabric Art Journal Sketchbook. So unique!

  24. deserae says:

    I love all the little leggies! So cute!

  25. deserae says:

    Left a comment!

  26. deserae says:

    Shey wants a spa vacation! 🙂

  27. Tracy says:

    I adore her ruffled fabric coffee cozy! Sooo want one of those…really need to accessorize my coffee addiction 😉

  28. Tracy says:

    Left a comment on her blog!

  29. i absolutely adore the garden party flower clips, soo cute!! thank you for all these giveaways shey!!

  30. Kristi says:

    Love the baby teething anklet bracelets..

  31. Kristi says:

    Shey wants something camera related;) (maybe a new lens…)

  32. Andrea says:

    i love the blue and green polka dotted leggies. super cute!

  33. I like the Heather Bailey Fabric Coptic Stitched Journal Notebook

  34. for someone to coordinate all these giveaways so she can sit back and relax.

  35. cindyj says:

    wow…she has some super cute stuff! LOVE the leggie thingies…so cute and the fabric flowers…oh my…love love love fabric flowers! thanks again shey! Oh, I left her love on her blog too! 🙂

  36. Ashley says:

    I love the little hair clips.

  37. Ashley says:

    Shey wants sleep for her b-day!!

  38. Sarah Bock says:

    I love the fabric journal especially the Heather Bailey Fabric one! How cute!

  39. Sarah Bock says:

    I left a comment for Ashley also!

  40. Sarah Bock says:

    For your birthday you should get a manicure!

  41. Mindy says:

    I love the Garden Party Fabric Flower Hair Clip 🙂

  42. Mindy says:

    I left her some comment love

  43. Mindy says:

    You want a camera strap cover… oh wait, you make those.. hehe

  44. Jessica says:

    LOVE the coffee cozies!! Well actually I love everything in her store 🙂

  45. SisterlyLove says:

    The Fantastic Fabric Hand Towel is…well, fantastic!Genevievejenny(at)ykwc(dot)net

  46. Tanya says:

    The pink and red argyle leg warmers are so sweet. Love the rolled flower hair clips too!

  47. Lisa says:

    I heart the pink argyle leggies and the honey amber teething necklace!

  48. I loved the Heather Bailey Fabric Coptic Stitched Journal Notebook!

  49. Shey wants a full time assistant for her birthday!

  50. carmel says:

    i love the "Cute Pink and Red Cupcake Half Apron" and the journels are great to

  51. carmel says:

    her baby is so sweeti became her followerand her blog is so sweet!

  52. Megg says:

    I don't know how I have lived this long without one of her coffee cozies and a journal cover! I need them! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win! Happy B-day Shey!

  53. Chacoy says:

    love the multi colored heather bailey fabric flower, buttery yellow amber teething necklace and the ruffled fabric coffee cozy… among a lot of other things!!

  54. Chacoy says:

    commented on her blog and learned a lot about amber;}{beads}

  55. Chacoy says:

    she wants a cupcake!!;p

  56. Sarah S says:

    the garden party hair clip is SO cute!!

  57. Sarah S says:

    she wants leggies of her own! (from this shop, but for adults : )

  58. Colleen says:

    What an adorable shop! I love the pink cupcake coptic stiched notebook.Thanks!!

  59. Colleen says:

    Left Ashley some comment love! 🙂

  60. Colleen says:

    Hmmmm….perhaps you want more hours in a day to spend with your family. Happy birthday!!

  61. Nicole says:

    Those fabric flowers are so colorful and lovely, they are my favorite!!!

  62. I don't want or like – I NEED and LOVE the Warm Cherry Amber Teething Necklace and ankelet!!!suzannebake@gmail.com

  63. Ry and Ally says:

    Love the fabric art journal!!

  64. Ry and Ally says:

    Visited Ashley's blog and left her some comment love!

  65. Ry and Ally says:

    Shey wants…a day off? (just guessing..coming from a mom) 😉

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