Common Question

So, I get this questions a lot from my customers… “I ordered a camera strap cover from you and I just wondered when it would ship?”  I have been informed that not everyone will notice the turnaround time that is notated in my store, so I am here to show you.  ðŸ™‚

And yes, I am so aware of the typos there!  I changed them in my store already.  haha!

Anyway.  See the lovely fancy arrow?  It’s pointing to the turnaround time.  It will always be listed there at the very top of the page.

“Shey, why is your turnaround time so long?  That seems like a crazy time to wait for a camera strap cover to get to your customer.”

I totally agree!  But, honestly, I am so so SO busy right now that I can’t lower it.  Not without working more than the 60 hours a week I already work.  And yes, I do have 3 part time employees.  But they are limited at what they can do, so I still take on most things.  My turnaround time is not 1month so I can goof around, or because I am lazy.  Turnaround times are listed to allow the person who makes everything the right amount of time to complete their orders.  My shop has always been a made to order shop or what some of you might call custom order.  I have never really had already made items in my store.  This will likely be changing very very soon, but until then….

Just so you all know, I do not like that my turnaround time is 1 month.  But please understand that I am working my booty off to get these out as fast as I possibly can.  But I can only sew several hundred camera strap slipcovers together so fast.  All that doesn’t include fabric cutting, ironing, answering emails, buy supplies, taking care of my kids, etc etc etc.

We REALLY appreciate each and every customer.  You all are amazing, and so patient!  Like I said.  I know 1 month is a long time, but we are hoping this will be changing REALLY soon, and changing so much in fact that turnaround time might be 1 week or less.  But this certain thing I am hinting at has to work out first.  Thank you for ordering even though my turnaround time is 1 month.  We spend special time creating each and every one of your orders.  We do not rush any order, because we like to provide you all with high quality camera strap covers (or whatever item you buy).  You know when you order from *Shey*[B] you’re getting the best!

Love you all!!!


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12 Responses to Common Question

  1. Shuggilippo says:

    Sometimes you have to spell it out and that's a badrillion percent okay…I think.Do you think it'd be silly to buy a strap for my ancient point and shoot? Yes? Damn.

  2. cindyj says:

    Oh my goodness!! Would ya look at all those gorgeous strap covers and iphone covers!! I would like one of each please! 🙂 Seriously your covers are *WORTH WAITING FOR*! I am a big FAN of your work!Oh and Happy Mothers Day Shey!

  3. cindyj says:

    Ohh…I also wanted to say that you look soooo much like my daughter in law! You could be twins I swear!

  4. Carrie says:

    They are worth the wait! I love mine and recieve many oohs and ahhhs!!! Tell those peeps to zip it 🙂

  5. Victoria says:

    I get the same questions from my photography customers…don't they know that a wedding takes a few weeks to edit? Especially when I have a personal life outside of photography. I'm just glad that I don't have another job because then my turnaround time would be much longer! You take your time..I still have yet to own one of your lovely camera straps, but one of these days!! 🙂

  6. Hi! I totally agree – the straps definatly look like they are worth the wait! I placed my order March 11th though and still havent received it. I was just thinking about it today so you must have read my mind LOL I'm guessing that because I'm in Canada it will take longer but 8 weeks seems awfully long…:)Kristen Lyons

  7. Hey Kristen!I have been having lots of issues with Canada shipments for the past several months. Either they are lost or customs is holding them for many many weeks. I tried emailing you, but I couldn't find any contact info for you at all… can you please email me? :)Thanks!

  8. RockerJewlz says:

    It's funny how people who are buyers and not sellers don't really attempt to think about what goes in to making something by hand. They pretty much see just their side of the transaction and many figure they paid for it so where the heck IS it!Ah, instant gratification has simply removed some people's brains, but we gotta love 'em anyway 'cuz they are still buyin' our stuff!

  9. You should have seen the DM's and e-mails about the Bloggy Boot Camp photos…I edited them for FOUR days….people want instant gratification.

  10. Celeste says:

    Very well said, Shey. People need to learn to be patient!…you should link to this post in your shop — maybe it would cut-down on some of the questions?

  11. Dawn says:

    I received my strap last week (after the month turn around time) and it was well worth the wait. I love it so much that I purchased another one almost 2 days later for a photographer friend of mine who is just sporting a black strap! /shiver People just need to understand that somethings are well worth the wait! :)I should also note that I'm looking for a 2nd one for myself when I can get my hands on a couture! haha.

  12. jmdCREATE says:

    Hello!I, too, have also been waiting on a camera strap cover since March (and am from Canada). I am not so concerned about the wait but rather that it has been lost in shipping (the turnaround listed at that time was only 10 days/2 weeks). I have sent an email but received no answer. Help?!

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