I have been busy, which means things are moved to the side or as some say, the back burner.  But, I won’t be talking about my work in this post.  Oh no I won’t!  Because like I said before, I don’t want to be only doing *Shey*[B] “shop talk” on here.  Let’s keep it interesting.  Well, I don’t think I am interesting, but hopefully 1 or some of you do!  😉  

Speaking of back burners.  Last night I went to Target.  Big shocking news there.  Not really.  Anyway!  I went to Target because someone on Twitter convinced me to finally get the Roomba.  My husband has been telling me that he wanted to get me one for some time, but every time he would mention getting me one was for a birthday or Christmas gift, and uhhh… no thank you.  BUT!  But, friends.  I must tell you.  I bought the Roomba and it was originally $300, but it just so happened that it was on sale… 50% off!  Could not pass it up.  This morning I charged that baby up and then set it loose on the house.  Because of Roomba I was not that productive.  I was obsessed with watching it suck up all the dog and cat hair, and the dirt and the grass, etc. etc., so on and so forth.  I DO NOT know how I have lived without this thing all this time!!  It is A*MAZING!  Turn it on, and go about your business.  It even vacuums your carpet!  Can’t get any better than that!  I highly suggest getting yourself a robot slave to clean your floors!  Maybe the Scooba is next!  That one mops your floors!  RAD.

In other news, I ordered a Kelly Moore Camera Bag a couple nights ago.  

She just opened her store.  She sells the most amazing beautiful camera bags!  I can not wait to get mine!!  Hope it comes tomorrow!  The one I bought is out of stock, but the red is fabulous and was my 2nd choice!

And, lastly…

So sorry to my wonderful, beautiful sponsors that I am just now doing shout outs.  Me = LAME!   Anyway… here are this months new sponsors!!  Go check them out – they ALL have fantastic stuff to offer!

Love my sponsors!!!
If you’re interested in sponsoring/advertising with The Benner Daily, send me an email for my rates.  shealynn@gmail.com

Also, there is still time to vote for The Benner Daily over here.  Thank you to those of you that voted for my blog!  You’re so nice to me!  I hope to bring much more inspiration to you all in the days, weeks and months to come!

Off to watch Zombieland with my husband, and RELAX!  


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7 Responses to Welcome!

  1. I think you're interesting! I'm jealous of your ROOMBA…I guess I need to go to Target and see if they are on sale here! Have a great weekend!

  2. lk says:

    I had a Roomba for about 6 months and LOVED it! The performance declined (they're notorious for that), and I returned it to Costco. I had it during the most helpful time of life, though (with a newborn and a 22 month-old). It was so nice to come home to a vacuumed floor! Enjoy it, but save your receipt!

  3. Tiffany says:

    oh i'm so jealous of your camera bag. i love the red or pink one.

  4. LOVE the camera bag!! Yet another vendor I'll HAVE to check out – I thank you, my wallet (and husband) do not! 🙂 Stop by my blog sometime and comment/sign guestbook. I'd love any advice you can offer (my blog is new). See you on Twitter!

  5. Celeste says:

    Roomba. Yes!! It is AMAZING. We have had ours for a few years, and it is till goin' strong! and, that camera bag! Oh my is it *gorgeous*!

  6. Mrs Soup says:

    Oh man, that camera bag is GORGEOUS!!!

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