Seriously Photogenic!

OK, have you noticed how
seriously photogenic this little babe is?
Man can he perform for the camera!
Here are more pictures of Baby Ben! 
Tell me he isn’t the cutest?
I know it!  He is a doll face!  And handsome! 
His mama is going to have her hands
full!  Girls are going to be
calling him all the time!  😉
More of Baby Ben and my brother’s wedding to come.
For now… quilt pattern cutting.

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3 Responses to Seriously Photogenic!

  1. Celeste says:

    Um…WOW! Ben is a super cutie!!Will babysit anytime (free of charge!) ;D

  2. Chacoy says:

    He is a cutie! Happy Anniversary:)

  3. Mrs Soup says:

    Oh man….CUTIE PIE!!

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