Fido Bags Giveaway

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First thing. The winner of the Uptown Jane Giveaway never emailed me to claim her prize. Another winner has been chosen… Elle’s Mom!! You are the new winner! Please email me…

We have another giveaway! I know you all love them. Giveaways take a long time to post, so, I won’t be doing a ton of them come October. I think a week of giveaways will be held in October, but I will sit down for a few hours and pre-type them all. Maybe. Each giveaway on here takes me at least 45 minutes to type up. LOL! That could potentially more than 3 hours! Eeek! Anyway… getting on with it. 🙂

Today, Ginger, the fabulous owner of Fido Bags has been gracious enough to offer one lucky winner a super cute bag!! I know we all love bags!! And, what better bag than this? It’s perfect for BOOKS! Since the book club is starting in less than 2 weeks, the winner (if in the book club) can carry around their book club books! Maybe. ha ha. Of course, you do not have to be in the book club to win! 😉

Here is what she is giving away to one lucky winner…


In Amy Butler fabric no less! Fantastic!

Here is what you have to do to win… Remember – you do not have to answer all of these questions, but the more you answer, the better chances you’ll have of winning! 🙂

Leave a comment for each one!!
And PLEASE remember to check back here to see if you have won! If you win, you must send me an email claiming your prize.

1. Leave a comment.
2. Go visit Ginger’s Shop. Tell me what other bag(s) you’re drooling over.
3. Visit Ginger’s blog. Leave some comment love.
4. Join The Benner Daily Book Club! Starts October 1st! Click here and here to learn more. 🙂
5. Follow her blog.
6. Blog about the giveaway.
7. Tweet about it.
8. Tell your vast network of Facebook friends.
9. Follow Me on Twitter.
(Two options: here or here.)

10. Follow my blog.
11. Grab my blog button and/or my shop button on my sidebar, over there ——>

This giveaway ends Next Monday!!

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, we would Love to have you!
Please email for more information!
shealynn AT

P.S. For those of you in The Benner Daily Book Club, please remember to comment on this post and let me know if you have gotten your books yet. You have until October 1st to do so. And, please also email me your addresses so I can send you your little goody for joining! 😉

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67 Responses to Fido Bags Giveaway

  1. Elle's Mom says:

    say, what!!??? Oh my goodness I am beyond thrilled!!! This is like the coolest prize ever!

  2. shana says:

    I already follow, does that count too?Thanks,Shana

  3. shana says:

    That is a REALLY adorable bag. I would love it. Although so would TONS of other people I'm sure! Thanks,Shana

  4. Carrie says:

    Love the orange for Fall.

  5. Carrie says:

    The pink modern tote in Ginger's shop is gorgeous!

  6. Carrie says:

    Following the Benner blog.

  7. emtdlb says:

    I like the yellow lotus bag, nice and bright really cute. Thanks for the chance!!

  8. emtdlb says:

    Left a comment on Vanessa's website, the post took my breath away and left me in tears, it was so beautiful.

  9. emtdlb says:

    You have some of the neatest giveaways and posts. I so enjoy your site. Thanks for all the fun and chances to win!!!

  10. Kari says:

    I follow your blog

  11. Kari says:

    totally digging the green belle small tote from her shop!

  12. GroverFamily says:

    i love the green belle small tote

  13. I love the soft pink, bold and olive belle! Love the idea behind the fido bag!~Nancy

  14. GinSpaghetti says:

    LOL "Vanessa's Blog" is actually Ginger's blog 🙂

  15. Sara says:

    I really like the Pink Modern bag!!!

  16. Sara says:

    I am in the book club!!!! And, can't wait for it to start.

  17. Sara says:

    I follow you on Twitter!

  18. Sara says:

    I follow your blog with bloglines!

  19. sb says:

    I do love your giveaways. Thank you!

  20. sb says:

    I love the Blue Midwest Small Tote – the fabric is so pretty!

  21. sb says:

    I left a comment on Ginger's blog. She's so sweet!

  22. Katie says:

    I like the Blue Midwest Small Tote a lot. 🙂

  23. What a cute bag and it would be perfect for carrying books!

  24. Tiffany says:

    I love Amy Butler and can always use a bag to carry books!

  25. Tiffany says:

    I love the "bold" bag in her shop!

  26. Tiffany says:

    I left a comment on her blog. I love the story behind the name fido bags and would be interested in how she made the sling she made. I could use one with my own dog.

  27. Tiffany says:

    I also follow your blog!

  28. Monica says:

    i love this fabric, and would love to have this

  29. bison61 says:

    cute bag-I love the designtiramisu392 (at)

  30. bison61 says:

    I also love the Blue Midwest Small Totetiramisu392 (at)

  31. randio says:

    What a cute bag! I'm headin' for the site right now!

  32. randio says:

    I like the green vine too!

  33. Alexis says:

    Oooh I'd love to win this bag!

  34. Alexis says:

    I'm now following your blog through google reader!

  35. Alexis says:

    All the bags in her shop are gorgeous but if I had to name a favorite I'd go with the Orange Poppy!

  36. Alexis says:

    I'm following her blog now too!

  37. Alexis says:

    I've left a comment on her blog now too!

  38. *Kim* says:

    I love the Multi Funk tote bag. Super cute fabric!

  39. naynays1 says:

    I like the Blue Midwest Small Tote. Thanksmightynaynay at cs dot com

  40. Oohhh, that bag is gorgeous!I also like the Green Vine print Tote on the site!

  41. Love the Olive Belle Small Tote.melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  42. follow your blogmelanieadey at hotmail dot com

  43. follow you on twitter-melaniescraftsmelanieadey at hotmail dot com

  44. I also like her Pink and Orange small tote! 🙂

  45. ali says:

    Oh, I'd lurve to win this. Thanks for an awesome giveaway. :DThanks. atraditionalsurro at comcast dot net

  46. ali says:

    I like the Olive Belle Small Tote as well. :Datraditionalsurro at comcast dot net

  47. ali says:

    I'm following her blog. YAY. :DThanks. atraditionalsurro at comcast dot net

  48. ali says:

    I'm following you on Twitter. :Datraditionalsurro at comcast dot net

  49. ali says:

    I'm following your blog!!Thanks again. atraditionalsurro at comcast dot net

  50. Miranda says:

    the soft pink, bold and olive belle

  51. Happi Shopr says:

    LOVE this bag! Perfect for fall. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  52. Happi Shopr says:

    I also like the pink modern tote. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  53. kcatlin says:

    Who doesn't love new bags?

  54. Lighthouse27 says:

    I havent seen Amy's work but that's a nice bag .. could fill it up in no time.lighthousee27(at)

  55. Lighthouse27 says:

    Olive Belle Small Tote because I like anything that is Paisley or resembles Paisley.lighthousee27{at}

  56. Atreau says:

    I like the Pink Daisy bag.

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