Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage


Remember that song? “So and so and so and so sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage? [NO! I am NOT pregnant]

Well, my oldest daughter gets in the car after school today, and tells me that some of her friends were teasing her and boy at school, and then she starts singing the above song… to her surprise I picked up singing where she left off. She couldn’t believe I [her MOTHER] knew that song. Apparently, kids think all their songs are “made up”. Uh, no. I sang that song most of elementary school… did you? I was surprised that my first grader was singing this, because I don’t remember singing it that young… mom – a little help here! When did I start singing it? Anyway. I thought it was funny, and I immediately thought, “I am so blogging about this!” And for those of you who have toddlers – get ready… your time will come when your children will come and and sing this song to you thinking they are all original and stuff. 😉

My youngest daughter has taken on a completely new affectionate personality… in which I am pleasantly surprised. She is always making kissing sounds at my husband and I. Always wanting a little kiss. Sometimes a little cuddle too. This is surprising only because she is the “wild-into-everything-I-can-possibly-get-my-hands-on-and-maybe-hurt-myself-in-the-process” kind of kid. She hurts herself at least once a day, but doesn’t cry much. Which is the complete polar opposite of how our oldest is and was at Zoe’s age. Oldest = drama. Youngest = couldn’t be farther from drama. Which is a relief, because 1 dramatic kid is enough for me and my patience.

This is not a complaint. Just a fact. I love that they are so different. Makes life very interesting, and much less dramatic. 😉 Zoe is definitely going through the terrible 2’s though, so that really stinks to high heaven. But, it will be over soon… I hope… or I might be sent to a mental institution. ha ha.

Moving on…

I made 2 new camera strap slip covers last night… before my sewing machine started throwing up thread. That sewing machine is currently being rushed to the hospital where it better get fixed or I am going to… I don’t know what! But something. LOL. Anyway… here are those new strap slip covers…



They are fabulous!! Better in person. 😉 wink wink. I have some other new fabric on the way too… they have pink in them, and I love them!!! Anyway, those strap slip covers are in my shop… click HERE.

So… speaking of love…. what does everyone have planned for Valentine’s Day??? Anything? My guy and I are going to be together… that’s all that really matters to me anyway. A movie might be in the agenda too. And maybe McDonald’s. ha ha ha ha!! As long as he and I are together… doesn’t matter what we do. Just sayin’.



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8 Responses to Love, Marriage, Baby Carriage

  1. Terri says:

    That is sweet Me an the hubby are staying home to We are just glad to be together ..a movie sounds good to though. He has a blu-ray addiction so I am sure he can find a good one I have not seen yet.P.S. I am going my first giveaway. You are welcome to come by.

  2. MommaYoung says:

    It is cool when we pleasantly surprise our kids.Ugh, my machine does that almost constantly…Those are beautiful straps…

  3. Ricci says:

    So funny how kiddos are so different, mine are the opposite of yours, oldest=no drama, youngest=watch out!!! Did Angelina’s song have any significance (any boys?) If not, I think girls just like to pretend they are older than they are, they dream about having a family and all that comes with it much more than boys. I wouldn’t worry yet.

  4. Cline Family says:

    I love the first one!  Here I had my heart set on the Houndstooth strap cover and now I might want this one…choices, choices.  I just might have to buy two!

  5. i totally remember the k-i-s-s-i-n-g song! definitely from elementary school. funny.

  6. GEL-Oh says:

    I like the cover with the guitar pattern. I think it would be good for men. Have you considered having patterns geared towards men?

  7. My birthday is coming up. My wish is to get one of your straps from your etsy shop. I have been trying to pick which one I want and how many yoyos. Now that you mention new and with Pink. My ears are perked. Can you preview the new fabric to help with my birthday decision?! 🙂 please, with cherry on top!

  8. Laura says:

    My sewing machine started that and sadly it didn’t make it. Love my new machine though. We don’t celebrate Valentines day. A week later he will bring me home flowers because he “is ready for spring”. I think it is him feeling guilty.

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