Another Chance To Win!!!


Yep! Another Camera Strap Slip Cover GIVEAWAY started today!! Let me see my friend’s names in the comments on her blog!! 🙂

Have you ever read the blog, Joy’s Hope? It’s a goodie! She is SO crafty! So, go bookmark her blog, enter the giveaway, and browse around.

Thank you Julie for hosting this giveaway!



P.S. If you are new to my blog, feel free to bookmark me, follow me, and look around! Leave a comment too! I love new visitors!!


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3 Responses to Another Chance To Win!!!

  1. emily says:

    ohhhh, i’m off to try to win a strap. i’ll win one, eventually :)i flippin’ LOVE that wood grain…i didn’t see that in your etsy!sooo cute shealynn!!

  2. Flssgrl says:

    Hey thanks for stopping by…I see you are an “addict” twilight that is 😉 I am just jealous that your Mike is going to go with you to see it…my Mike most likely will not unless I bribe him with say food…beverage and etc :0 Love your camera straps…hope I win! Your Zoe is too cute…gotta ask….did she have pen and marker all over her little arms in that photo?

  3. nathalie says:

    i’d love to win this….very beautiful!

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