They’re Here & She is Sick :(

My parents arrived from North Carolina late last night. They are staying in an apartment that Mike’s company owns. So, after hellos, and many kisses and hugs, Mike took them to their place so they could get some sleep. Of course Angelina had to stay the night with them. 😉

Today we went to my favorite breakfast place, U.S. Egg, and had a wonderful time eating and talking. I have officially turned my parents on to their protein pancakes. 😉

Unfortunately, Zoe is really sick, so after breakfast, I had to take her to the walk in clinic to find out what’s wrong with our little one. She has a slight ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. 😦 No fun! She didn’t sleep well at all last night… only sleeping for 30 minute to 1 hour intervals. And today, I laid down with her for a nap, but she only slept for 10 minute intervals. She sounds like a barking seal when she coughs, and after the cough is over, she sobs, which is truly heartbreaking. So, needless to say, she and I have not gotten much sleep at all. Fortunately, she isn’t contagious, which is a relief to everyone!!! Trust me! You wouldn’t want what Zoe has. It’s pitiful.

Tonight we are staying in and ordering dinner from Oregano’s. We were going to take my dad out to dinner for his birthday, but we don’t think it’s a good idea for Zoe. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

Hope your weekend is going well!



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One Response to They’re Here & She is Sick :(

  1. Ricci says:

    Try to have fun with your parents. Poor Zoe, is she on an inhailer(sp?)? We used a humidifier with Eli when he had that barking seal cough, it loosened it up in a day or 2. Good luck…

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